The Council of Economic Advisors: A Play for Voices

SAMUELSON: It’s my impression that at the Carlyle Hotel when you were introduced to President-elect Kennedy as the new man, professor at Yale, that a look came over his face that said, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” And you said, “Well, I was in the class after your brother and before yours and served with your brother on the council.” He said, “Well, I thought you looked familiar.” Then he said something like, “Well, gee, here we were trying to get away from Harvard.”
TOBIN: Yes, “Here I thought I was not appointing a Harvard man but a Yale man and it turns out there’s a Harvard man under the skin after all.”
SAMUELSON: Then he said, “Are you by any chance related to the Boston Tobins, Maurice Tobin?” or something like that. You said, “I don’t think I can claim that.” And he said, “Are you related to Jim Tobin, the Pittsburgh Pirates player?” And you said, “No.” Somebody said he was Negro.
TOBIN: No, no, not a Negro. As I pointed out to Kennedy, he also played for the Braves when they were in Boston. I gained some prestige at Harvard from people who thought I led a double life.
PECHMAN: He is not a Negro?

SAMUELSON: But to go back to Hyannis Port, we then discussed the problem of growth and we hammered away at the point. We were already on the boat. I had anticipated, by the way, a magnificent meal on the boat. A colored chef went along, and that was all primed for us. We got bloody marys which was okay, and then as I remember it, fried, cut up frankfurters. I had prepared my stomach for tenderloin steak. Well anyway, we discussed the problem of growth.

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